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Manhattan Baby

Manhattan Baby

Directed by Lucio Fulci

In Lucio Fulci’s chilling follow-up to THE NEW YORK RIPPER, an evil Egyptian entity possesses the young daughter of an archaeologist. When Susie returns home, she and her brother Tommy start behaving badly, and visitors to their room begin turning up dead. Can Susie’s parents stop the entity from destroying her? Or is it already too late? Borrowing elements from ROSEMARY’S BABY, THE EXORCIST and POLTERGEIST, Fulci crafts a surprisingly gore-free ghost story that favors suspense over gruesome kills. The opening sequence ranks among the director’s best work.

An evil Egyptian spirit possesses the young daughter of an archaeologist.

Cast: Christopher Connelly, Laura Lenzi, Brigitta Boccoli

Member Reviews

Lucio Fulci and Fabio Frizzi *chef's kiss.

1 month ago

Says it's a follow up to new York ripper which I thought was way better than this but this was ok too . Has a classic scary backstory and as I was watching I realized it seemed to be flying by , the runtime is a little short and it was trying to cram a whole lot into the movie which left me interested but I still think it's an alright movie.

1 month ago

Not the best Fulci but if youre a fan you'll enjoy this one for sure! Lesser on the gore side except for an awesome fight/death scene at the end!!!

1 month ago

It's Fulci so expect crazy. As always with Fulci, it's well shot, it's gory, there's a fascination with eyes and it doesn't make sense! There's a live in nanny called Jamie Lee, which I presume is a callback to Halloween. Strap yourself in and enjoy it.

3 months ago

Yes, I agree: not bad, but not for noobs. Fulci is an acquired taste. If you like incoherent Italian horror, I don't get the "gore-free" part of the description from Shudder, what? I guess the chatbot didn't watch the end of the film. Definitely not how I want to go out. :) Obviously not Fulci's best, but full of eye-zooms and weird kills accompanied by a Fabio Fabrizzi score that never matches what is happening in the film (that's why we like them :). It does feel a lot tamer than Zombi and New York Ripper, but it's copying The Exorcist and Poltergeist instead, so that makes sense. Anyway, if you've seen a bunch of Fulci films it's no Zombi, but mostly what you would expect. If you have never seen a Fulci film, try Zombi first (or if you want to see a good film, catch Don't Torture a Duckling. But that's a giallo film and not a horror film.)

5 months ago