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Directed by William Lustig

A twisted psychopath displays his victims' scalps on mannequins in his apartment in Bill Lustig's iconic 1980's slasher movie. The pretty women who encounter Frank Zito (super creep Joe Spinell) all wind up dead. But when Frank meets a female photographer named Anna (cult-horror star Caroline Munro), his interest in her - and her affection for him - leads to a battle between his good and bad sides. MANIAC's famous tagline read "I WARNED YOU NOT TO GO OUT TONIGHT," but no matter whether you watch it inside or out, you run the risk of being scared to death.

A twisted psychopath displays his victims' scalps on mannequins in his apartment.

Cast: Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro, Abigail Clayton

Member Reviews

Absolutely awesome classic 80s slasher film ! Pretty gruesome & good all round thrills ! Didn’t disappoint at all ! 😈🙌❤️‍🔥💀

4 days ago

damn that was dark

2 weeks ago

Joe spinnel is a legend. double feature this with Caroline Munro/Joe spinnel "the last horror film" and you have yourself a MF party 🎉

3 weeks ago

Holding the world record for longest strangling scene, "Maniac" is a classic slasher film with an amazing lead actor. Joe Spinell was phenomenal in Rocky so it's no surprise that he's so good in this movie. This is a film with some genuinely shocking scenes (one in particular involving a shotgun) and showcases a genuinely creepy, frighteningly real portrayal of an insane man. Someone who's able to wear a mask of sanity, but is deep down a very disturbed and violent man. Still, this movie is a great time and an essential slasher film. Put this on and enjoy yourself.

4 weeks ago

Heavy Breathing

1 month ago