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Directed by Nico Van Den Brink

MOLOCH tells the story of Betriek who lives a quiet life with her family at the edge of a peat bog. When they are attacked by a random stranger one night, Betriek sets out to find an explanation. But the deeper she digs, the more she becomes convinced something ancient is after her and her loved ones. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL

After being attacked, the deeper Betriek digs, the more she becomes convinced a mysterious entity is hunting her.

Cast: Sallie Harmsen, Alexandre Willaume, Anneke Blok, Fred Goessens, Noor Van Der Velden

Member Reviews

Bit of a slow burn but entertaining! I really do like the end, provides some food for thought but I wouldn't give the movie more than 4/5. Check it out for yourself!

2 days ago

really enjoyed this one. very creepy and interesting story.

1 week ago


2 weeks ago

Engrossing. Worth the watch.

3 weeks ago

Not the best but not the worst.

4 weeks ago