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Mute Witness

Mute Witness

Directed by Anthony Waller

Billy, a mute make-up artist working on a slasher movie is locked in the studio at night, where she witnesses the crew making a snuff film. Now, she's in for the fight of her life in this spectacular and underseen 90s thriller.

A mute make-up artist working on a movie witnesses a frightening murder in this spectacular and underseen 90s thriller.

Cast: Marina Zudina, Fay Ripley, Evan Richards, Oleg Jankowskij, Igor Volkow, Sergei Karlenkov

Member Reviews

You trolls fooled me!

11 hours ago

I walked past this title a hundred times in the video store without picking it up, because I assumed it was another rote 90s catch-a-killer thriller a la "Jennifer 8," "Kiss the Girls," etc. I was wrong! It has one of the tightest (but longest) cat-and-mouse chases you'll find. Cudos to Anthony Waller for always managing to cram in one more surprise to goose the suspense. And the "Mystery Guest Star" is a treat to see (and hear).

11 hours ago

Honestly, the best movie I’ve seen in a while

17 hours ago

It was a really good one

23 hours ago

It's just good. The way it builds suspense and tension is really outstanding. One of those movies you can't believe you've never seen before.

1 day ago