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Nekromantik 2

Nekromantik 2

Directed by Jorg Buttgereit

A necrophiliac nurse takes a dead body home to fulfill her fantasies in the sick sequel to the 1987 cult hit NEKROMANTIK. After the death of that film's protagonist, Rob, leads to articles about his awful antics, necro-curious Monika digs him up and copulates with the corpse. But Monika isn't satisfied, so she starts dating a living man, which leads to a lethal love triangle. Jörg Buttgereit's fearsome follow-up was seized by German authorities on its release, but the notoriety only cemented the film's reputation as one of the most disturbing horror flicks ever made. (In German with English Subtitles) Contains strong language, sexual scenes, violence and gore.

A necrophiliac nurse takes a dead body home to fulfill her fantasies.

Cast: Monika M., Mark Reeder

Member Reviews

Snuff for the lover girls.

2 weeks ago

I saw the first one a while back was never in any rush to see this but I'm trying to watch every movie on here. Of course you should know whether or not your gonna like this if you should choose to watch it, alot of it was badly boring. Shocking and disgusting but that's expected, just ok but wasn't expecting it to be great.

3 weeks ago

Nearly fell asleep a few times, but the neo-realist elements will do that, even though they give this film so much of its tension. Next time, ask your date from the outset if they prefer you dead or alive.

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Just as boring as the first film!! Thought this would be better but I was wrong! The gore was descent but that's it. Basically a waste of time to watch!!

1 month ago