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Directed by Jorg Buttgereit

A twisted man brings home a corpse for him and his wife to use sexually in this controversial cult hit from German director Jörg Buttgereit. Rob and Betty are hardcore necrophiliacs. But when Betty runs away with the decaying corpse Rob's brought home, things get really, really messed up. Though NEKROMANTIK was banned in many countries thanks to its extreme subject matter, the film's perverse parodic edge made it a hit with horror and extreme cinema fans (including John Waters) in 1987. Even today, it's not for the faint of heart - or easily offended. (In German with English Subtitles) Contains strong language, sexual scenes, violence and gore.

A twisted couple practice necrophilia in this controversial cult hit.

Cast: Bernd Daktari Lorenz, Beatrice Manowski, Harald Lundt

Member Reviews

One Skull. Don’t bother it try’s way to hard to be artsy, but it doesn’t have the writing or the talent to pull it off.

2 days ago

The plot is incoherent, the acting dire, and the production values non-existent. Even at just 71 minutes it drags. That said, it contains some of the most disturbing imagery I have seen, and I can never unsee it. My mind feels polluted by it, and that is a very effective kind of horror in itself. I will never watch it again, but am glad I watched it once.

1 month ago

Definitely a movie I’ll never forget! I think it depends on your state of mind as to how one processes the psycho loco subjects portrayed in this film. Must watch one time for any true gore horror death movie fan .

1 month ago

They just don't make family fare like that anymore.

2 months ago

OMG an hour and eleven minutes of strangeness. Certain scenes not so cool. Know what you're getting yourself into if you're going to watch it.

2 months ago