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Night of the Hunted

Night of the Hunted

Directed by Franck Khalfoun

When Alice stops at a remote gas station at night, she's made the plaything of a crazy sniper with a secret vendetta. To survive, she must figure out who wants her dead.

Alice is made the target of a crazy sniper in a gas station.

Cast: Camille Rowe

Member Reviews

3 Skulls it was not bad, not the worst watch in the world. And don’t listen to the comments about politics people missed the point big time. If anything the movie mostly speaks on how we can never really know the truth of someone’s morals, beliefs, or character.

18 hours ago

snoozefest. very basic action and acting. 2 skulls for the storyline. couldve gone without watching

1 day ago

Enjoyable, could have been better, worth the watch.

2 days ago

Shudder, you have a good thing going with the Horror market. Like almost all the other comments for this movie, lets stay away from the politics. It was a decent movie until I heard it, then it wasn't a horror/thriller movie, it was politics. I give it 3 for movies sake.

2 days ago

Fun watch.

4 days ago