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Night of the Hunted

Night of the Hunted

Directed by Franck Khalfoun

When Alice stops at a remote gas station at night, she's made the plaything of a crazy sniper with a secret vendetta. To survive, she must figure out who wants her dead.

Alice is made the target of a crazy sniper in a gas station.

Cast: Camille Rowe

Member Reviews

Three ghouls

5 days ago

Anyone who "both sides" this probably roots for jigsaw

6 days ago

this movie was okay, definitely gripping and a scarry concept. i didnt like when they inteiduced a child into the storyline, i think the child as a motivator for the main character was too cliche. it's one where im not yet sure how i feel about the ending, so may make a good discussion movie.

1 week ago

Gonna be controversial: media literacy is key to enjoying this movie. There are STRONG political themes. If you fall on the killer’s side of the political spectrum - you will not enjoy this. If you fall on the main character’s side, you may be able to see how it criticizes both sides of the aisle. It’s a bit like The Hunt I guess in how political it is, but not meant as satire. But similar to The Hunt, neither side is without flaws, but that doesn’t mean either side deserves to be the victims of such heinous acts.

3 weeks ago

Definitely entertaining, although nothing you haven’t seen before. A solid way to kill 90 or so minutes.

3 weeks ago