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Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

Directed by George Romero

George Romero's original zombie classic introduced viewers to a new type of terror: the walking dead, slow moving, but determined to feast on your flesh! From the first moments of its iconic opening sequence, NOTLD changed the game for horror directors, creating a genre that - like the zombies themselves - still shows no sign of slowing down. But Romero's most brilliant and controversial innovation was casting African-American actor Duane Jones as the lead, and offering a devastating - and still relevant - commentary on racism during the film's final moments.

George Romero's original zombie classic introduced viewers to a new type of terror.

Cast: Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea, Karl Hardman

Member Reviews

Love it

4 days ago

I probably reviewed this on here already but being as this was not only the very first horror film I ever saw at age 7, thereby sending me off to sleep with nightmares that I still remember to this day, but it is also in my opinion THE most perfect horror film ever made, and my 110% absolute favorite film of ANY kind as well… It’s the bleakest film about the most horrifying concept… The epidemic of death is us, people. Except they are as devoid of reason and Pitt and sympathy as this film is devoid of any humor at all. Again, perfection. Everything from the dizzying camera angles to the relentless tension and dread to a feeling of hopelessness that grows with each event, this movie is 55 years old, has been my absolute favorite for 30 of those years, and I doubt any will ever be able to replace it for me.

1 week ago

I love Barbara so much.

1 week ago

love it

1 week ago

I love me some zombies

2 weeks ago