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Party Hard, Die Young

Party Hard, Die Young

Directed by Dominik Hartl

School's out, so Julia, her friends and thousands of fellow graduates are on their way to an island resort in Croatia, and it's supposed to be the party of their lives! The harmless fun soon turns deadly serious when Julia’s friend is killed, and it probably wasn't an accident. Slick, stylish and loud, PARTY HARD DIE YOUNG is in the tradition of the best post-Scream slashers. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

A graduation getaway is grounds for a slasher in this slick teen scream.

Cast: Elisabeth Wabitsch, Michael Glantschnig, Michael Ostrowski

Member Reviews


1 month ago

meh..youve seen it all before, another SCREAM knock off, nothing new, no great kills, its in German or something. Once was enough.

1 month ago

It is the same as the English dubbed version but I like this more, not the best slasher movie you will find but an easy watch for fans of these types of movies.

4 months ago

Fun who done it horror film- fun and well acted. Nicely captures the school vacation break party vibe.

5 months ago

I Know What You Did Last Summer at a euro rave. Good looking movie, hot ppl.

7 months ago