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Directed by Jennifer Reeder

PERPETRATOR follows Jonny, a wild and impulsive teenage girl living precariously in a town where young women continue to go missing, and the power she's forced to unlock to survive.

A teenage girl must master her secret power to survive.

Cast: Kiah McKirnan, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Lowell, Melanie Liburd, Ireon Roach, Casimere Jollette, Sasha Kuznetsov

Member Reviews

Quirky, original ideas, excellent characters. Absolutely loved this!

5 days ago

Excellent, feminism represented by the brilliant Jennifer Reeder! Good story, well paced, kept me totally entertained and invested!

5 days ago

A little all over the place. Had some good plot twists and character interactions. Bloody theme but not overly gorey. Witchy

1 week ago

Another beautiful, surreal, feminism-suffused nightmare from Jennifer Reeder. If you're just here for gore and a body count, this is not likely to be up your street. But if you like a bit of intelligent, artful horror-based cinema, absolutely check this out.

2 weeks ago

I choose the bear

2 weeks ago