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Phantasm: Remastered

Phantasm: Remastered

Directed by Don Coscarelli


Don Coscarelli’s beloved 1979 sci-fi horror classic returns in a beautiful new restoration (headed by J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot). When Mike’s parents die, his world is turned upside down. But nothing can prepare him for the shocking discovery that a mortician (the late, great Angus Scrimm) and his dwarf army have stolen Mike’s parents’ bodies. Did we mention the flying spheres? Though the surreal scare-fest unfolds like a child’s bad dream, the terror it evokes is far more real and intense than most fright flicks. PHANTASM’s success led to four sequels and a permanent place in the horror hall of fame.

Don Coscarelli’s beloved 1979 sci-fi horror classic returns in a new restoration.

Cast: Angus Scrimm, A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister

Member Reviews

Great! Super creative and thought provoking

1 day ago

From the first time I saw this at a drive in theater in 1979 it is one of the best horror movies made. Nobody is buried at Morningside, the dead are all reanimated crushed and sent to a different dimension to work as slaves. The tall man is 100s of years old and creepy as hell.

1 day ago

Pretty accurate depiction of childhood, honestly.

1 week ago

Maybe the most confusing plot ever(still don't know what its about) but its got style, the horror is there and I love the score.

1 week ago

weird. might have been mildly creepy in 1979 but it's just weird now. probably won't re-watch it on purpose

1 week ago