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Directed by Dario Argento

During her first night at boarding school, Jennifer witnesses a horrible murder while sleepwalking. After digging deeper into the crime, Jennifer meets a professor who uncovers her psychic connection to insects, and encourages her to use her strange gift to catch the killer. Dario Argento’s sci-fi spin on his iconic giallo style has divided fans since its’ release but for us, its squirmy pleasures have only deepened. Beyond the bugs, maggots and monkeys, it’s a creepy-crawly must-see, especially for Connelly’s fearless performance.

A girl with a psychic connection to insects must use her gift to catch a killer.

Cast: Jennifer Connelly, Donald Pleasence, Daria Nicolodi

Member Reviews

Watch it. Better than most of the junk on shudder. An artfully made, original film. 4.5 skullduggery.

5 days ago

just an absolutely wild ride. definitely worth a watch

1 week ago


2 weeks ago

Nope old boring. Just another breakout model doing nothing but screaming.

2 weeks ago

They also cut Jennifer's famous line when the swarm of flies surround the school after the other girls are picking on her, "I love you, I love you all" 🪰🪰🪰

3 weeks ago