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Puppet Master

Puppet Master

Directed by Schmoeller David

A group of psychics are stalked by homicidal puppets in this 80s horror favorite which spawned nine - yes nine - scary sequels. Assailed by nightmarish visions, Alex Whitaker and his fellow psychics descend on the Bodega Bay Inn. There, they discover that their compatriot Neil has apparently committed suicide. But, as the gruesome visions continue, they sense that there's still something sinister afoot. When they find themselves hunted by a band of homicidal marionettes created by twisted puppeteer Andre Toulon, they discover they're right.

A group of psychics are stalked by homicidal puppets in this 80s horror favorite.

Cast: Paul Le Mat, William Hickey, Irene Miracle

Member Reviews

The filming location of the Historic Green Castle in Pasadena, the unique and interesting plot, the absurdity of it all… I devoured this movie. Wish I could watch it again for the first time. Apparently there are a million more Puppet Master sequels so there’s that! More to look forward to. Fragmented story check, bad acting check, laughs only the 80’s can bring, check. This is a horror classic in my book. Bravo.

1 day ago

Highly enjoyable 80s horror with great effects and a memorable score which is still playing in my head!

6 days ago

Cute, silly horror movie. Not scary, but has cool stop-motion.

1 week ago

Literally one of my favorite movies ‼️

1 week ago

Love puppet master!

2 weeks ago