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Directed by Andrés Beltrán

A married couple almost divorcing become trapped in quicksand while hiking through a rainforest in Colombia. They battle the elements of the jungle and must work together to survive.

A couple trapped in quicksand must work together to survive.

Cast: Carolina Gaitán, Allan Hawco, Sebastian Eslava, Andrés Castañeda

Member Reviews

Could have passed

21 hours ago

The couple is kinda annoying, they both make bad decisions and there's a lot of bad science. But it's middle of the road overall.

1 week ago

not bad, not great. a meh movie all round.

1 month ago

I didn't like this one. the main couple were very unlikable, the plot was kind of dumb too in execution. The stupid thing the wife does, to the snake that's both a constrictor and venomous and apparently can heal itself. The execution of the idea just did not work for me.

2 months ago

good acting , well shot, stupid plot , all very unlikely , which is not good if the whole idea is for the whole film to be simple and realistic. To cap it off the last 10 mins are overly melodramatic

2 months ago