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Random Acts of Violence

Random Acts of Violence

Directed by Jay Baruchel

When comic book creator Todd Walkley embarks on a road trip to a convention, people start getting killed. It soon becomes clear that a crazed fan is using Todd’s “SLASHERMAN” comic as inspiration for the brutal murders. As the bodies pile up–and Todd’s friends and family become victims themselves–Todd will be forced to take artistic responsibility. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL

A masked maniac uses a comic book killer for inspiration in this vicous slasher from Jay Baruchel.

Cast: Jesse Williams, Jordana Brewster, Jay Baruchel, Niamh Wilson

Member Reviews

It was a fun watch, good gore and a fun cast. I gave it 3 skulls because it wasn’t great or amazing but it’s definitely something I don’t regret watching. Not really scary in the sense you’ll get chills down your spine but overall a fun watch with actors I enjoy watching. The story had potential but was kinda all over the place and poorly executed. I’d give it a watch 100% and I’ll go back to it. It’s something to have on while I clean my living room.

11 hours ago

Well this was a superbly f***ed up film, just what I needed ! I was looking for something entertaining to watch last night and caught ShudderTV starting to show this so I tuned in ! And I was not one bit disappointed! It was bloody, slasher, gore, fun and with an ohhhhh ok ending. Good looking cast with familiar faces. All in all it kept me entertained and just what I needed for a Saturday night thrill and hit the spot! I recommend hence my 5 skull rating! Thank you Shudder! 😈🙌❤️‍🔥💀

2 days ago

This is honestly one of my favorite movies I’ve seen in awhile, it was fresh. The actors were good and it left an impression, for anyone who is a big slasher/suspense fan I recommend it

1 week ago

Fun watch

4 weeks ago

Awesome movie. great plot. people that give low ratings shouldn't be on Shudder. this type of stuff isnt for them. they should go back to disney. but great film.

4 weeks ago