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Rock, Paper and Scissors

Rock, Paper and Scissors

Directed by Martín Blousson, Macarena García Lenzi

Jesus and Jose Maria are siblings living in a closed-off world constructed of strange games and relentless madness. When their half-sister Magdalena returns home to inquire about her share of their inheritance, a strange and bloody affair ensues.

When Magdalena returns home to confront her half-siblings about their inheritance, the stage is set for a family reunion both bloody and brilliant.

Cast: Agustina Cerviño, Valeria Giorcelli, Pablo Sigal

Member Reviews

It's worth the watch, but narrative seems to confuse itself in trying to be more ... artistic? Philosophical? Creepy, but didn't pack the punch I was hoping for.

2 months ago

A slow burning psychological thriller with a bit of bloodiness. The problem is that the effort to imbue a surreal tone, the plot gets thrown in a blender and it becomes tedious. I gave it the extra star because the aesthetic was appealing.

7 months ago

My first impression was to skip this movie. After forcing myself to watch it, I can’t recommend this. The best part of the movie is when it ends lol

9 months ago

That is one creepy movie. I liked it!!

10 months ago

Definitely understand the Misery concept, wish there was more to it and not all the drama happening towards the end.

1 year ago