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Directed by Jean Luc Herbulot

Shot down after fleeing a coup and extracting a drug lord from Guinea-Bissau, the legendary mercenaries known as the Bangui Hyenas must stash their stolen gold bounty, lay low long enough to repair and refuel their plane and escape back to Dakar, Senegal. When they take refuge at a holiday camp in the coastal region of Sine-Saloum, they do their best to blend in with their fellow guests; but one Hyena is hiding a dark secret. He has brought them there for a reason and once his past catches up to him, his decisions have devastating consequences, threatening to unleash hell on them all. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

A legendary trio of on-the-run mercenaries carrying a stolen gold bounty and a kidnapped drug lord take refuge in a remote and mystical area of Senegal, where dark ancestral forces unleash hell on them all.

Cast: Yann Gael, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Roger Sallah, Mentor Ba, Bruno Henry

Member Reviews

Unlike anything I've seen before. The lore and the acting were really on another level. Super well done.

2 days ago

The movie stayed with me. The story is a bit meh, but the characters, the acting, the dialogues, the pacing, and the SETTING... it's all just so amazing. You can feel the authenticity of the perspective. Will watch it again. Very refreshing to see something other than western or japanese films, but does not take you too far away from that comfort zone in terms of storytelling.

1 week ago

Didn’t make total sense to me, but great acting, nice cinematography, unique film for sure. I wish I could give this a solid 3.5, not quite a 4 but neither a 3.

2 weeks ago

Odd and beautiful.

4 weeks ago

I came in expecting a horror movie, but got a solid action drama instead. And then it tried to go back to horror ... didn't quite work for me. I much preferred the first half. Fighting the paranormal (successfully) with knives and guns was ... a choice.

1 month ago