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Satan's Slaves

Satan's Slaves

Directed by Joko Anwar

When a famous singer dies from a mysterious illness, her family feels her presence linger, and a horrifying saga begins. Rini and her siblings care for their sick mother in the countryside, but after the matriarch passes away, evil entities terrorize and even possess the family. To protect her little brothers, Rini traces back the roots of the evil and learns the horrifying truth. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

When their mother dies, horrifying evil plagues a family.

Cast: Tara Basro, Bront Palarae, Dimas Aditya, Endy Arfian, Nasar Anuz

Member Reviews

Really good movie. All the actors did a Good job, especially the child actors. The actress who plays the older sister, she really did a convincing job of someone who is trying to keep her family together and protect them. Everything starts to build slowly, but the last 45 minutes it ramps up pretty good. I totally enjoyed the movie. It doesn’t matter what kind of Horror Genre you into, I think this movie will appeal to everyone.

4 days ago

Despite being a lifelong horror fan at 56 years old, I'd never had the opportunity to sample an offering from Indonesia, and I found myself happy that my first exposure was this film from director Joko Anwar. This film has a family at its center that is well-drawn and sympathetic, so the scares are that much more effective when evil invades their lives and secrets are slowly revealed that tear at their fabric of unity. It is well shot and while not completely unpredictable, it delivers some unsettling sequences and full credit is due for a particular jumpscare involving a radio that made the hair on my neck and arms stand on end. The makeup effects aren't wall-to-wall but are well done when showcased. I was interested to see how another culture deals with supernatural events. It ramps up well enough but loses some of its cohesion in the final thirty minutes and ends with a bit of a question mark of a sequence at the very end. None of that should turn you away, though. It's a worthy effort worth the time, and I'm interested to see where they take the sequel.

4 days ago


5 days ago

Wasn't bad! Some pretty good spooks to be had.

1 week ago

If you like the Conjuring, you will like this, but more so, the sequel on here was even better.

1 week ago