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Scare Package

Scare Package

Directed by Emily Hagins, Noah Segan, Aaron B. Koontz, Baron Vaughn, Chris Mclnroy, Courtney Andujar, Hillary Andujar, Anthony Cousins


In this riotous anthology, Chad Buckley is a lonely Horror aficionado, spending his days overseeing a struggling video store and arguing with his only customer, Sam. When an unsuspecting applicant arrives, Chad sets out to teach him the rules of Horror; weaving in and out of hilarious segments geared toward the ropes and tropes of terror. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

In this riotous anthology, a video store owner shows a new employee the ropes and the tropes of terror.

Cast: Jeremy King, Noah Segan, Toni Trucks

Member Reviews

Most of this was actually pretty damn funny

1 day ago

Straight up awesome. Perfect amount of camp

3 days ago

p good

4 days ago

I enjoyed my time, didnt take anything too serious and had a good laugh at all the tropes being used

6 days ago

They had fun.

6 days ago