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School's Out

School's Out

Directed by Sébastien Marnier

A substitute teacher discovers that six of his students exert a strange influence over the rest of the school, and they may have had a hand in the suicide of their previous teacher.

A substitute takes over a class after a mysterious death.

Cast: Laurent Lafitte, Luàna Bajrami, Pascal Greggory, Victor Bonnel

Member Reviews

it is still to boring and dumb, i hate this movie!

2 weeks ago

It was ok. Did not get the ending

1 month ago

A decent slow burn mystery kind of thriller that I found pretty interesting and intriguing. I agree there is no need to put down this movie over small political talk that has nothing to do with the movies quality overall. I like the lead actor here he was great, four skulls might be too generous but this movie does keep you wanting to watch to see what will happen. I was hooked on the story.

2 months ago

Was hoping for something like Disturbing behavior, or Village of the damned but all i got was a lot of artsy "life is bleak" depression not my cup of tea.

3 months ago

In the words of Jim Steinman - "A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age" Or in the case it is more of a misguided youth. I would think that if you are as smart as these kids, you might want to grow up and do something to help the world improve... A very French film and was not real clear as to what was going on plot wise at the end, but it held my interest! Just a bit of a unclear ending for my tastes...

3 months ago