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Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

Directed by George A. Romero

After NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, master of horror George A. Romero turned his eye to witches. On the surface, Joan Mitchell has it all – family, friends, and a beautiful home equipped with all the latest appliances. But when a neighbor educates her on the practice of witchcraft, Joan believes she’s discovered the perfect antidote to her monotonous suburban existence, and embarks upon a dark path that will lead to a shocking conclusion.

George Romero's tale of a suburban housewife, witchcraft, and the dark, shocking results.

Cast: Jan White, Raymond Laine, Ann Muffly

Member Reviews

eh. something to watch. still don't know what it was about

3 weeks ago

It's meh. Effects are great, but story is lacking.

3 weeks ago

My first venture into George A. Romero. It was definitely interesting

1 month ago

Classic Romero, great print of the film too. I wish Dario Argento's Wampyr cut of this film with the Goblin score would get released sometime.

1 month ago

Excellent, underrated downbeat Romero. Slow burn in all the right ways. Not "H" horror with jumpscares, etc, but with the drudgery of every day life for a suburban housewife whose identity is diluted into mom, husband, friend. Contains some of my favourite nightmare sequences: masked assailant trying to break into the house -- dimly lit, bedecked with 70s red print wallpaper throughout. Amazing.

2 months ago