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Skull: The Mask

Skull: The Mask

Directed by Armando Fonseca, Kapel Furman

In this splatter-filled supernatural slasher, a Pre-Columbian artifact contains the spirit of Anhangá, the executioner of the god Tahawantinsupay. Whoever wears the mask is possessed by Anhangá and compelled to commit sacrifices to resurrect his god. It’s up to a museum assistant and a policewoman to stop the slaughter before the ritual is completed. A throwback treat for fans of ‘80s slashers and gory practical effects. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

A mask possesses those who wear it to kill in this splatter-filled supernatural slasher.

Cast: Tristan Aronovich, Natallia Rodrigues, David Wendefilm

Member Reviews

Lots of gore, nothing really special though. 3/10

1 week ago

This one is all over the place but overall a blast to watch. Awesome action and insane kills throughout. Hard to get attached to any of the characters but throw in a few choke slams, body slams, demonic rituals anf a few disembowelments and I'm in.

1 month ago

I made it to the CGI throat cutting, and was out.

2 months ago

I'm giving it two skulls because it was bloody as hell, but otherwise it was pretty terrible. The acting was awful, except for Manco. (He tried his best.) As FurythePhoenix stated, the storyline was confused, not confusing. It was pretty weak to begin with, but it's like the director forgot what it was half way through, and then sort of remembered right before the ending. It was awkward, all over the place, and the whole thing seemed forced together in no fluid manner. But it was gorey so that was cool.

2 months ago

when they show the crime scene photos of the murders on the news lmfaooooo ok

3 months ago