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Directed by Florian Habicht

At Spookers, an enormous haunted house in a shuttered New Zealand mental hospital, a merry band of amateur actors spend their nights scaring the pants off visitors. One night they might be clowns in a creepy carnival, the next night fearsome fairy tale figures. But the brilliance of this delightful documentary goes beyond the ins and outs of haunting, as director Florian Habicht shows how transforming themselves into monsters helps many staff members deal with their own traumas and phobias. Step into a place where fear is a family business - if you dare...A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE.

At the southern hemisphere’s largest haunted house, a merry band of haunters do their worst.

Cast: Claudia Aiono, Huia Apiata, Barbara Armstrong

Member Reviews


3 weeks ago

As an idea for a docu, this is prime material! It misses some beats in terms of pacing, and length, but as someone who has worked somewhere similar i can attest to the accuracy of the madness that occurs at these things, and some of the personal stories give real heart to this. It could have been many other things, but does just about enough to keep attention of those interested in behind the scenes stuff. i bet the performers are over the moon that they have such a vivid record of their work.

2 months ago

I wish Shudder would have more content like that! I love documentaries that are spooky/Halloween themed, and this one is a pretty good one. You get a great humain point of view about this business. If you love or have friends who are into cosplay/larp/drag/burlesque, who will surely feels seen.

4 months ago

It was a pretty boring documentary but it made me want to go there.

8 months ago

not scary

8 months ago