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The Antenna

The Antenna

Directed by Orcun Behram

Mehmet, a superintendent at a crumbling apartment complex, supervises the installation of a new antenna by the government. When the broadcast transmission begins to menace the residents of the complex, Mehmet must seek out the spiteful entity.

A new antenna menaces the residents of an apartment complex in this arresting international gem.

Cast: Ihsan Önal, Gül Arici, Elif Cakman

Member Reviews

Slow, slow burn. It was okay but not my thing

1 day ago

nailed it

3 days ago

Not for me...

3 weeks ago

Kafkaesque is one of many overused words these days (iconic, anyone?) but it certainly fits this dingy, nightmarish film. A slow, surreal build through a landscape of odd situations and stoic characters. Rich visuals, beautiful cinematography and a final act that goes off the rails. The movie does pack a punch. Part allegory, part satire, it succeeds in doing what it sets out to do, even though it may be doing too much of it.

2 months ago

Slow burning, atmospheric, creepy film. Right up my alley!

2 months ago