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The Baby

The Baby

Directed by Ted Post

A social worker tries to rescue an adult baby from his very creepy family in this essential ‘70s cult classic. Ann is determined to help “Baby”, who she suspects is being kept in his infantilized state by mean mommy Ruth Roman. But the more Ann tries to play miracle worker, the more she puts herself in grave danger. Mommy likes things just as they are! One of the weirdest horror films to come out of the 1970’s (and that’s saying a lot), THE BABY is the kind of twisted delight you flip out over – and then spend the rest of your life showing to friends.

A social worker tries to rescue an adult baby from his very creepy family.

Cast: Anjanette Comer, Ruth Roman, Marianna Hill

Member Reviews

It was an ok movie. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who has been abused,especially someone who was abused as a kid. Minor twist at the end. For me it’s a one time watch.

15 hours ago

Done well, but it's pretty slow by today's standards. Plus everyone here already spoiled the ending basically so yeah. Good acting and cinematography though. If I was gonna remake this today, I would make act three into act two and have some other layer added to make it more interesting.

3 days ago

was good classic old horror movie sick family

1 week ago

Very weird but absolutely wonderful. I think the opposite of a "good for her" movie?

2 weeks ago

weird. just weird

2 weeks ago