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The Banishing

The Banishing

Directed by Christopher Smith

A young reverend and his wife and daughter move into a manor with a horrifying secret. When a vengeful spirit haunts the little girl and threatens to tear the family apart, the reverend and his wife are forced to confront their beliefs. They must turn to black magic by seeking the help of a famous Occultist... or risk losing their daughter. From Triangle and Black Death director Chris Smith comes a terrifying look at the most haunted house in England. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL

In the 1930s, a young reverend and his family move into a manor with a horrifying secret.

Cast: Jessica Brown Findlay, John Heffernan, John Lynch, Sean Harris

Member Reviews

Wish there was more to it! Also needs a more concluding connection to the war.

6 days ago

it was okay, long and drawn out.but it was creepy.

1 week ago

slow and boring, but ok i guess... this is a solid 5 out of 10.

2 weeks ago

Really wanted to like this because I love a historical spooky flick but there were plot holes left and right.

1 month ago

I've invented a new drinking game, take a small sip of your beer every time she says her daughter's name and you'll be shloshed before this is half over. You'll need to be to get through this snoozfest that should have been called "Looking for Addie." It's such a shame - everything about the movie was well-crafted except the script, they had a good story to start from - what happened?

1 month ago