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The Bunker Game

The Bunker Game

Directed by Zazzara Roberto

During an immersive game undergound, where the participants play the survivors of an atomic war, the organizer mysteriously disappears. Is he putting the lives of the participants at risk? Or has something terrible happened in the mysterious dark corners of this historic bunker? A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE

Mysterious accidents are plaguing a LARP in an undergound bunker. Is something supernatural afoot, or is it all part of the game?

Cast: Gaia Weiss, Lorenzo Richelmy, Mark Ryder, Mark Ryder, Makita Samba

Member Reviews

Yes very good

6 days ago

good idea but badly executed.

3 weeks ago

loved it!!!

4 weeks ago

oof it was a boring watch and didnt connect with any characters.

1 month ago

What a mess of a movie. I can't get over that they want you to care about characters who like to dress up as Nazis in their free time. Even if you can get past that though it's just boring. Anti-abortion propaganda for people who think not all Nazis are bad- maybe skip this one...

1 month ago