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The Company of Wolves

The Company of Wolves

Directed by Neil Jordan


A wise grandmother (Angela Lansbury) tells her granddaughter Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson) a disturbing tale of innocent maidens falling in love with handsome strangers ... and of their sudden mysterious disappearances when the moon is full and accompanied by the strange sound of a beast in the woods.

Fascinating and imaginative, this riveting thriller from director Neil Jordan brings the timeless tale of "Little Red Riding Hood" and werewolf fables together in a haunting, compelling and eerie way.

Cast: Sarah Patterson, Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Graham Crowden, Brian Glover

Member Reviews

5 stars just because of Angela Lansbury in a horror movie. Plus the transformations are some of the bests in all of werewolf movies. It’s up there with Howling and Ginger Snaps as GOAT WW flix

7 hours ago

good classic movie

2 days ago

very outdated

1 day ago

This was an excellent movie. You need to remember this movie is almost 40 years old. The special effects were amazing for being 40 years ago. Yes a few parts did drag on and where slow but overall I think it was excellent

2 days ago

What a classic telling of the story of the wolfman and little red.

3 days ago