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The Crescent

The Crescent

Directed by Seth A. Smith

After an unexpected death in the family, a mother and son struggle to find spiritual healing at a beachfront summer home.

A woman and her child are bedeviled by otherworldly figures.

Cast: Danika Vandersteen, Woodrow Graves

Member Reviews

There are a lot of clues hidden in the story. This is not a bad movie if you are able to pay attention to the finest of details. The people on the beach provide many clues. The little girl picking up the trash has much to offer and don't miss a single flashback scene or you might be forever confused. There are many other clues to watch for and listen for. Pay attention to everything ranging from the paintings to what is actually said plus a few background clues and you will get the whole story. The story is sad in some parts but the payoff at the end was worth the wait. This horror movie is only scary if you can relate to the ending. I can say that I can relate to the ending and I was half way into the movie when I realized what had happened. This was very well put together and will make you think hard about life, death, the past and the future. Lol take notes if you have to so you don't lose track of the clues because theer are many more clues than the ones I mentioned here which should help anyone who hasn't been in the shoes of this family figure out what's going on. The deep thinkers and those who are able to pay close attention to the details will not be disappointed.

1 week ago

Being artsy and experimental is okay. Being esoteric is okay too, good in fact. I don't need to know about the backstory of "the family that used to live here died 20 years ago, oooohhhh!!" And if you're looking for a story that is a module of personal experience and realistic anxieties/trauma as a metaphor, go for it (not my cup of tea anymore.) But at least have something happen in your horror movie. The only good moments of tense horror were (very. VERY) few and far in between.

2 weeks ago

This is a beautiful master piece. Very artistic beautifully written those who are downing it did not understand the ending. Because if you understand the ending you will give it 5 skulls minimum. To enjoy this movie to the maximum have headphones or a great surround system enjoy. Well done Seth A. Smith and thank you.

4 months ago

Hipster horror

4 months ago

Just awful.

6 months ago