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The Deadly Spawn

The Deadly Spawn

Directed by Douglas McKeown

A group of campers stumbles upon the remnants of a meteorite and discovers that some fanged, worm-like creatures have hitched a ride to Earth. After enjoying a “camper” appetizer, the alien spawn take refuge in the basement of an isolated house and prepare for the main course!. With the residents in the house now becoming the entrees of an intergalactic monster buffet, some teenagers, led by a small boy, decide to take this matter into their own hands and rid the world of these creatures. Contains violence and gore.

Alien creatures invade a small town and four teenagers, along with a young boy, attempt to stop them.

Cast: Charles George Hildebrandt, Tom DeFranco, Richard Lee Porter, Jean Tafler, Karen Tighe

Member Reviews

hope we get to see this on the last drive in

6 days ago

It’s the Alaskan bull worm from Spongebob.

3 weeks ago

I was hugely impressed with the creature effects. I did a double take looking at the year this was released. Obviously the monster is the star of the movie. I didn't mind any of the characters though you can tell almost immediately which one is the lead.

3 weeks ago

really good cheesy 80s alien movie

3 weeks ago

All of the characters suck except for the brilliant acting of the bean pen. This movie would be 5 skulls if it was just bean pen.

3 weeks ago