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The Freakmaker

The Freakmaker

Directed by Jack Cardiff

A mad scientist crosses plants with people, and the results wind up in a sideshow.

A mad scientist crosses plants with people, and the results wind up in a sideshow.

Cast: Donald Pleasence, Tom Baker, Brad Harris

Member Reviews

I would give this a 1 star, but my partner loved it. Story is bloated and disjointed. Obviously trying to be a Freaks knock off. Acting is okay, effort was made to make the characters likable/humanize the villain/make the protagonists unlikeable. Effects are what you'd expect. Some scenes feel forced or out of place.

1 week ago

With both Donald Pleasence and Tom Baker acting, their styles alone add value; although the tone of the film certainly dated due to its slow nature. Unfortunately the audio, especially the dialogue, sounded quite echoing and tinny. While overall the film failed to particularly engage my interest or focus, the bizarre moments and oddities continually cropped up with various degrees of poorly aging. That said, everything worked within context and being a product of its time I cannot overly fault it. Might watch again one day, but not any time soon.

1 month ago

Ok it’s slow. And don’t expect a slasher gore fest. I am a Tom baker fan. So if you are give it a try

4 months ago

It was ok but I don`t think it would win any awards.

6 months ago

A bizarre cross between Frankenstein and Freaks starring Donald Pleasence as a mad scientist and Tom Baker as his gigantic deformed henchman ??? With an amusement park as a prime setting??? Populated with real sideshow performers??? And an absolutely bonkers score??? Is this real? How could this go wrong? A scientist tries to cross humans with plants. Did I read that right? And his FAILURES go to the sideshow!!!??? Absolutely loved this B-Grade schlock! Totally amazing and campy as hell. First time watch #48 for Halloween 2022

7 months ago