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The Gates

The Gates

Directed by Stephen Hall

London, 1890s. William Colcott has been sentenced to death by Electric Chair. Upon his final hours, he curses the prison he resides in along with all that dwell within 'The Gates.'

William Colcott is sentenced to death and curses the prison.

Cast: John Rhys-Davies, Richard Brake

Member Reviews

good ghost movie. good horror actors as well. it reminds me of The Conjuring meet's 31 by Rob Zombie

12 hours ago

Super slow and boring

1 day ago

this was a decent film, with good effects, and acting. Overall it was fun to watch, and I enjoyed Richard Brake being his amazing self per usual.

1 day ago

richard brake does amazing again such a good actor, good film with some great story telling and suprisingly never felt like it aaa dragging. good film overall

2 days ago

Nothing groundbreaking but also not worth some of the hate it's getting. It was fun to watch in the same way 13 Ghosts is in my opinion. Quirky and not really scary but I don't regret watching it.

4 days ago