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The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes

Directed by Wes Craven


In Wes Craven's cult horror hit, a family on vacation are attacked by mutant killers in the desert. After the success of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, Craven served up another terrifying tale of family survival with a still-relevant Vietnam-era moral question at its core: which family deserves to live? The normal American family? Or the inbred cannibals damaged by nuclear testing designed to keep "upstanding" families safe? Craven brilliantly played on our worst fears to make us think about how we treat those who are different from us. A must-see for Craven fans. Contains violence and gore.

In Wes Craven's horror hit, a family on vacation are attacked by mutant killers.

Cast: Suzie Lanier-Bramlett, Robert Houston, John Steadman

Member Reviews

I think the 2006 remake of this movie was better. I mean we shouldn't expect too much as it's in the 70s. I really love the concept of people being stranded in a desert with mutants I just wished Wes Craven executed the ending a little better! Overall, i liked this movie!

3 days ago

It is rare for me to rate any movie so low, and I was expecting much more from this one from reviews. Awful acting, average soundtrack, jarring cinematography. Not a bad story but a very anticlimactic ending. Seemed to drag on forever. Sorry fans.

3 days ago

A masterpiece. Mandatory viewing for all real horror fans. Genuinely disturbing film and scary

2 weeks ago

Never seen this before and it genuinely had me terrified.

1 month ago

Hadn't seen this in forever. Still Amazing and well worth the watch.

1 month ago