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The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

Directed by Jorge Grau

A strange twist of fate brings two young travelers, George and Edna, to a small town where an experimental agricultural machine may be bringing the dead back to life! As zombies infest the area and attack the living, a bullheaded detective thinks the couple are Satanists responsible for the local killings. George and Edna must fight for their lives as they try and stop the impending zombie apocalypse!

Two travelers come across a small town infested with the living dead that satisfy their hunger by attacking anyone they come across.

Cast: Cristina Galbo, Ray Lovelock, Arthur Kennedy

Member Reviews

I first saw this movie on Hulu in 2013 , not sure why I love it but I do

4 weeks ago

Nice change of pace from other zombie movies!

4 weeks ago

Enjoyable! Sometimes its a little slow, but thats just the style of the time i guess.

1 month ago

SO GOOD! One of my favorites. So many interesting concepts in here if you know where to look. Not just zombies, but tool using, angry and violent monsters just out to kill and eat. And they use tools to do it! And, technology is to blame - using science that isn't fully tested yet. And, some fun, over the top characters and voiceovers! hehehehe Really a benchmark zombie horror. 70s goodness.

3 months ago

Just an alright movie, nothing great!!

3 months ago