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The Mutilator

The Mutilator

Directed by Buddy Cooper

In this sickening slice of ‘80s slasher fun, a homicidal hunter lures his estranged son to his beach house, then starts killing the poor kid’s friends with an array of deadly devices. It’s all part of a deranged vengeance aimed at Ed Jr., who accidentally killed his mother while attempting to clean his father’s gun collection as a child. As the night drags on, Big Ed uses steel hooks, axes and even an outboard motor to play the most dangerous game with the confused co-eds. Freshly restored and fully uncut thanks to the dedicated deviants at Arrow Video... Contains violence and gore.

A homicidal hunter lures his estranged son home, then starts killing his friends.

Cast: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Rogers

Member Reviews

The music really makes this goofy, mean slasher.

2 days ago

2.5 really. It definitely had its moments but there were just a bit too many slow scenes. There's a hide and seek scene that had loads of potential to be creepy but it's just not used effectively enough at all. There was one particularly gruesome killing though that will stick with me...

2 weeks ago

80s slasher goodness

1 month ago

What I really want is my jacket

2 months ago

Great movie. Gory kills (see giant fish hook). Classic 80's horror flix. Bad acting, no story, but still worth watching.

2 months ago