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The Mutilator

The Mutilator

Directed by Buddy Cooper

In this sickening slice of ‘80s slasher fun, a homicidal hunter lures his estranged son to his beach house, then starts killing the poor kid’s friends with an array of deadly devices. It’s all part of a deranged vengeance aimed at Ed Jr., who accidentally killed his mother while attempting to clean his father’s gun collection as a child. As the night drags on, Big Ed uses steel hooks, axes and even an outboard motor to play the most dangerous game with the confused co-eds. Freshly restored and fully uncut thanks to the dedicated deviants at Arrow Video... Contains violence and gore.

A homicidal hunter lures his estranged son home, then starts killing his friends.

Cast: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Rogers

Member Reviews


2 weeks ago

my fav part was when that one guy was promised sex if he looked for the others and he benny hill ran out of the room immediately 😭

2 weeks ago

Soundtrack is great. The gore is good. The effects/lighting, pretty poor. All round entertaining movie if with friends and booze. On your own for a thrill, though? Probs a bit boring and generic. Soundtrack rocks though!

2 weeks ago

2 skulls for the effects.

3 weeks ago

I really loved the sense of dread that was portrayed and the sinking sense of anxiety. The kills were awesome.

1 month ago