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The Puppetman

The Puppetman

Directed by Brandon Christensen

The Puppetman is a convicted killer on death row. He has always maintained his innocence, saying it was an evil force controlling his body as he slaughtered his victims. Now Michal, the killer's daughter, begins to suspect that there may be some truth to her father’s claim when those around her begin to die in brutal ways. All hope rests on her shoulders to break The Puppetman's curse.

A woman must break a curse before her loved ones are killed.

Cast: Alyson Gorske, Angel Prater, Kio Cyr, Cameron Wong, Anna Telfer, Michael Pare

Member Reviews

pretty good for shudder

2 days ago

Worth a watch

3 days ago

I truly enjoyed this film. I feel that it should be getting better ratings than I’ve seen. Give it a try.

3 days ago

I rarely not finish a movie, but just couldn't do with this one. Pretty damm bad

3 days ago

Definitely an interesting and well made flick. Would recommend

4 days ago