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The Ranger

The Ranger

Directed by Jenn Wexler

After a run-in with the cops at a punk show goes sideways, Chelsea and her pals flee the city in search of a place to lay low. Running to the security of Chelsea’s old, abandoned family cabin in the woods, they fall under the watchful eye of an overzealous park ranger who holds a secret from Chelsea’s past. Set to the beat of a killer punk soundtrack (Fang, The Avengers, The Grim, Rotten UK and more) and presented in eye-popping neon colors, Jenn Wexler’s debut offers a modern take on survivalist horror that both celebrates and subverts the genre’s tropes with equal parts humor, glitter and gore. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL. Contains strong language, violence and gore.

Teen punks on the run face off against an unhinged park ranger with an axe to grind.

Cast: Chloë Levine, Granit Lahu, Bubba Weiler, Jeremy Pope, Amanda Grace Benitez

Member Reviews

Pretty goofy. Not unenjoyable.

1 week ago


1 week ago

It’s honestly not bad at all, it’s nothing amazing either, but I watch horror movies for the kills and for the characters chemistry and I’ll say this movie has some super fun kills and the chemistry was okay enough, I’d say it’s worth a watch

2 weeks ago

Worth watching. Revenge is better

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago