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The Toolbox Murders

The Toolbox Murders

Directed by Dennis Donnelly

A madman stalks and kills female victims using the items in his toolbox. Mario Bava regular Cameron Mitchell (BLOOD AND BLACK LACE) is Vance, the serial killer who seeks revenge - in the form of rape and murder - on any "sinners" he comes across. But when a detective visits Vance's family, it sets off a creepy chain of events that escalates until the shocking finale. One of the most well-known grindhouse films of the '70s, TOOLBOX MURDERS was savaged by critics for its extreme-violence but later found a big cult of fans on home video.

A madman stalks and kills female victims using the items in his toolbox.

Cast: Cameron Mitchell, Pamelyn Ferdin, Wesley Eure

Member Reviews

The majority of the movie was so-so, but the ending really hits you like a train.

1 month ago

honestly pretty good for what it is. not in my list of favorites though. I understand what they were going for with the long drawn out scene's of sexuality but it was a little much. I'm looking forward to seeing the remake, this premise could work great with a few tweaks.

2 months ago

not nearly as good as the 2004 reboot but halfway decent

4 months ago

About what you’d expect. Good story. Weird intro. If you know anything about the actual toolbox murders it’s worth a watch.

4 months ago

Killer soundtrack wasted on a grossly misogynistic mess of a film.

5 months ago