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The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Directed by Carlo Ledesma

Investigative journalist Natasha Warner leads a crew of four into an underground labyrinth.

Natasha leads a crew of four into an underground labyrinth.

Cast: Andy Rodoreda, Bel Deliá, Luke Arnold, Steve Davis

Member Reviews

I love Found Footage movies, and this one was a bad. waste of time.

1 day ago


3 days ago

Bit dull and repetitive. Some fairly ok characters but nothing to get too excited about... You can watch the whole movie and just feel like you haven't watched a movie.

4 days ago

Most found footage buffs will enjoy this movie. With a Mockumentary-style plot, the movie plays well on the fear of urban exploration, being so close to the world, yet trapped inside a sort of prison of your own making.

4 days ago

It was a pretty solid found footage style movie. The acting was well done, and the location/scenery was great. A lot of reviews complain about not finding out what was chasing them... The characters didn't either. That's the point

5 days ago