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They Remain

They Remain

Directed by Philip Gelatt

Two scientists are sent on a mission to investigate occurrences on land once occupied by a thrill kill cult. As weeks of isolation pass, they realize they are unable to trust the wilderness around them, the corporation that sent them there or even themselves. From the writer of EUROPA REPORT; based on Laird Barron's haunting novella; and starring William Jackson Harper (THE GOOD PLACE)

Two scientists investigating strange occurrences on land once occupied by a thrill kill cult fall prey to weeks of isolation pass, unable to trust the wilderness, the corporation or themselves.

Cast: William Jackson Harper, Rebecca Henderson

Member Reviews

It tried, I guess? Some good shots, decent soundscape. Honestly, go watch Annihilation instead. Similar vibes, but far more satisfying.

2 weeks ago

Don't bother with this one. Pretentious in the worst way. A series of very vaguely unsettling episodes, that no-one ever responds to in any way, and which have no narrative flow through. This means there are no stakes or payoffs, and that makes it frustrating and boring. A waste of everybody's time and Laird Barron's work.

2 months ago

your movie needs to go somewhere eventually

3 months ago


3 months ago

101 minutes of buildup and no payoff :(

3 months ago