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Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap

Directed by David Schmoeller

Five friends are hunted by a creepy killer after stopping to visit a roadside museum in this slasher that counts Stephen King as one of its biggest fans. After car trouble, the gang goes to visit a creepy museum filled with eerie mannequins which may be alive. Director David Schmoeller's debut bares the mark of his teachers - surreal and shock-loving directors Luis Bunuel (UN CHIEN ANDALOU) and Alejandro Jodorowsky (SANTA SANGRE). Ten years later, Schmoeller would create and direct the cult horror series PUPPETMASTER, which also deals with deadly dolls.

Five friends are hunted by a creepy killer after stopping to visit a roadside museum.

Cast: Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones, Jordan Van Ness

Member Reviews

It had really great potential. The mannequins were quite creepy at most parts. But even the mannequins can’t save the slowness and repetitive dialogue of this film. A lot of the factors felt very forced as well.

3 days ago


1 week ago

For a kitschy 70's slasher, this has a lot of charm. The characters are creepier than you'd expect, and while the mannequins aren't the spookiest, they give a nice touch of uncanny valley to the movie as a whole. The atmosphere throughout and the twists were the real highlights though. Well worth a watch - particularly if you have a touch of that 70's horror nostalgia!

1 week ago

Everyone needs to see this movie, tourist trap is an amazing exploration into dark puppets and mannequin horror. Gives you a little bit of story with just enough scares and villains involved, a classic I enjoyed the ending was awesome.

3 weeks ago

I have certainly seen worse.

1 month ago