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Ultra Pulpe

Ultra Pulpe

Directed by Bertrand Mandico

After wrapping her newest film, transgressive director Joy D’Amato weaves a tapestry of her future film ideas to her newest muse, Apocalypse, in the hopes of keeping her affections.

A transgressive director weaves a tapestry of her future film ideas to her newest muse, Apocalypse.

Cast: Pauline Jacquard

Member Reviews

What a pile of garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

This could have been a great short film; there were some good surrealist and Cronenbergesque set pieces. But the writer/director tried to make an 80's avant-garde film but didn't understand the #1 rule - you make the film, you don't explain it. This a film about making a film, and those are the laziest and most boring films you can make. All the "weirdness" is dismissed as "oh it's just a film and they're just artists." I would suggest the real thing instead, start with Liquid Sky (1982) and Dr. Caligari (1989). And it's on Shudder because these types of films tend to include elements of body horror.

1 month ago

I liked it. I am one who really likes "dream sequence" scenes and transgressive literature, and so this for me was a 35 minute dream sequence. Very colorful. It is artistic, and even pretentious, but in a way that modifies its self awareness of its own pretentiousness to offend others with interesting colors, textures, visuals, and "aura", mood, vibe; atmosphere, etc,.

1 month ago

shudder should ban some comments. ignorant and uncivilized trolls shouldn't even be allowed to comment.

1 month ago

blegggghhh! ..... just a bunch of artsy fartsy noise

1 month ago