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Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

Directed by William Lustig

The corpse of a patriotic veteran comes back to life on July 4th, dons an Uncle Sam costume and goes on a killing spree in his hometown. Sam’s main target? Anyone who offends his ultra-patriotic views, including corrupt congressmen, anti-war people and more! But don’t think director William Lustig (MANIAC) and screenwriter Larry Cohen (GOD TOLD ME TO) are celebrating fascistic patriotism with their subversive and silly slasher. UNCLE SAM ultimately skewers the kind of rah-rah attitudes that have now come into full bloom 20 years after Lustig’s film was released.

The corpse of a patriotic veteran reanimates and goes on an Independence Day killing spree.

Cast: William Smith, David 'Shark' Fralick, Christopher Ogden, Issac Hayes

Member Reviews

I Have Seen Worse

1 week ago

first saw this back when i was in middle school. very cool to watch it again 27 years this film

4 weeks ago

Quite the slasher!

1 month ago

this movie is both to boring and stupid.

1 month ago

A very patriotic horror slasher definitely A rare find for me.

2 months ago