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Wake in Fright

Wake in Fright

Directed by Ted Kotcheff


When Australian teacher John Grant stops off in the rural town of Yabba, he quickly gets pulled into the dark world of strange, ultra-macho townies who spend their days binge drinking, gambling and hunting kangaroos. For the timid Grant, this starts out as a thrilling release of his id. But after he loses his shirt gambling, Grant struggles to escape the bad luck – or perhaps a conspiracy – that keeps preventing him from leaving Yabba. Long unavailable on home video, Ted Kotcheff’s superb thriller is a deeply unsettling study of the horror of the unchecked male psyche. NOTE: Wake in Fright is presented in its entirety, featuring animal hunting scenes, which viewers may find offensive. Discretion is advised.

A man on vacation stops off in a rural town filled with strange characters and becomes unable to leave.

Cast: Gary Bond, Donald Pleasence

Member Reviews

A trip into the limits of sanity with the advice of never get stranded in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

6 days ago

certified hood classic

1 week ago

3 💀

3 weeks ago

This one's a full-on trip. An experience.

1 month ago

Starring Donald Pleasance as Evil Dos Equis Man.

2 months ago