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Wake Wood

Wake Wood

Directed by David Keating

A grieving couple are given the chance to resurrect their daughter in this Irish horror film starring Aidan Gillen of “Game of Thrones” fame. After Alice’s accidental death, her parents move to a quaint village to make a fresh start. But when a local offers to perform a ceremony that will temporarily bring their daughter back, they can’t resist. But when Alice returns, she isn’t quite herself, of course. One of the best offerings from the new Hammer Films, this supernatural scarefest should please fans of THE WICKER MAN, DON’T LOOK NOW and VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED.

A grieving couple are given an opportunity to resurrect their daughter for three days.

Cast: Timothy Spall, Aiden Gillen, Eva Birthistle

Member Reviews

Good premise and not a bad movie. Very similar in theme to Pet Semetary and pretty decent ending.

22 hours ago

Storyline was solid I thought. Kept me engaged from beginning to end. Its worth a watch. Reminded me of Pet Semetary with a different twist.

1 week ago

I just could never get into this movie. Far from a horrible movie but I child just never really connect with it. It's Defintirly worth throwing on and giving a watch if you're looking to pass some time.

1 week ago

good movie

1 week ago

A big disappointment based on the reviews I'd seen. This is predictable w/ lousy acting by the mother & little girl.

2 weeks ago