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White Zombie

White Zombie

Directed by Victor Hugo Halperin


Bela Lugosi plays an evil witch doctor who commands zombies in this horror classic which (duh) inspired the name of Rob Zombie's '90s alternative group. Murder Legendre is the zombie master of Haiti, who is approached one evening by a young man named Charles who needs help with a twisted plan. Kill Madeline, the girl who rejected him and married another, and bring her back as a zombie. Then she can be Charles' forever. Set on the voodoo-filled isle of Haiti, WHITE ZOMBIE offers a chilling crash course in what NOT to do when the love of your life rejects you.

Bela Lugosi plays an evil witch doctor who commands zombies in this horror classic.

Cast: Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy, Joseph Cawthorn, An Jo

Member Reviews

I'd rather listen to White Zombie's ASTRO CREEP album, but this film is enjoyable as a silly unintentional comedy of its time. And personally, I'd prefer the old Hammer film PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES.

1 week ago

A slow and clunky cult classic.

2 months ago

A great vintage film that stands the test of time. Well worth watching.

3 months ago

Living Dead Girl.

3 months ago

I can see why people love Bela Lugosi, he practically made this movie! The cinematography was mostly really good until 37:30ish where a lot of errors appeared and it made me confused. Oh, and there's that subtle racism and a damned vulture... I also have mixed feelings on the ending but I don't think I should judge a 30s movie for having a sensical ending. This did make me want to watch more Bela Lugosi film so I will give it that 6/10

3 months ago