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Directed by Christopher Thies

Weird things are happening in and around the Wild Goose Lodge, a snowy inn located in rural Massachusetts. People are being found dead and mutilated, while others are vanishing without a trace. Realizing that the violence might have something to do with Native American black magic and the ancient secrets of the area's historic totem poles, a trio of cops decide to investigate the goings on, and are faced with an array of monsters, ghouls, and even a sampling of murderous locals!

People are being killed off near a popular mountain lodge, with a legend claiming that the mountain is haunted by a deadly Native American demonic curse.

Cast: Tim R. Morgan, Mike Magri

Member Reviews

This is inspired by Twin Peaks, in the same crazy way that Plan Nine From Outer Space is inspired by The Day The Earth Stood Still.

1 day ago


1 week ago

So heroically incompetent it almost turns into arthouse. I got up from this in a fugue state. One skull for the insanely hammy evil hotel owner (?), that guy deserves to be in better films.

4 weeks ago

Somebody put a lot of effort into this movie. It's goofy but very fun.

4 weeks ago

Some "good" low budget, bad acting, weird scenes here if you're looking for a "good" bad movie. If thats not what you're looking for though, give it a pass.

1 month ago