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Directed by Christopher Thies

Weird things are happening in and around the Wild Goose Lodge, a snowy inn located in rural Massachusetts. People are being found dead and mutilated, while others are vanishing without a trace. Realizing that the violence might have something to do with Native American black magic and the ancient secrets of the area's historic totem poles, a trio of cops decide to investigate the goings on, and are faced with an array of monsters, ghouls, and even a sampling of murderous locals!

People are being killed off near a popular mountain lodge, with a legend claiming that the mountain is haunted by a deadly Native American demonic curse.

Cast: Tim R. Morgan, Mike Magri

Member Reviews

A great good bad movie

4 weeks ago

I hate to denigrate the poor actors who obviously worked so hard on this awful mess of a movie, but I'm afraid they're just not very good. The script sucks, the makeup is awful and the "monsters" are beyond horrible. I can't imagine looking at this movie and thinking "Yeah, we can release this!"

1 month ago

Not a good film at all but worth the watch is you're a stop motion animation fan as watching what this film-maker did with such a low (or no budget) is interesting for its historical value. Bad acting and bad script (and pretty much everything else) cannot take away from how innovative and creative the animation is.

1 month ago


2 months ago

It was "good" bad

2 months ago