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Directed by Andy Milton, Jesse Holland

An entire town's population walks up a mountain trail and disappears. Years later, a group of intrepid explorers take a mind-bending trip up the same road and find an ancient evil.

A team of explorers take a trip up a mountain road.

Cast: Cassidy Freeman, Laura Heisler, Clark Freeman, Lee Wilkof, Anessa Ramsey

Member Reviews

really bad movie. Tries to be deep & existential, but ends up being a movie about nothing

1 day ago

This is from 2011, not 2023

4 days ago

This movie seems like it would be the coolest thing ever......going to be brutally honest here, The premise is just interesting enough to keep you watching, but it really falls flat about half way through. Even after the halfway point i found myself sitting there like the movie was some sort of allegory for trolling the listener to deaf. The sound design was all over the place to the point where it just feels poverty. Some of the acting was pretty bad, like noticeably bad. This was amplified by the very simply written characters. It never feels like it gets anywhere and the plot feels very predictable. It was a rough watch. There are definitely better choices than this for a movie night, I was less bored watching Skinimarink.

5 days ago


5 days ago

It was pretty weird but i didn't think i fully got the point

6 days ago