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Directed by Lars Damoiseaux

When a young couple travels to a shady hospital for cosmetic surgery, the boyfriend stumbles upon a patient suffering from an experimental rejuvenation treatment. He frees her, but doesn't realize she’s ground zero for an outbreak which will change the doctors, patients, and his mother-in-law into bloodthirsty, utterly outrageous zombies. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

In a shady clinic, a young couple unleash hordes of splattery undead.

Cast: Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders, Benjamin Ramon

Member Reviews

Great movie!!!

3 days ago

Love this movie!!

3 days ago

Great old school zombie comedy! The filmmakers obviously love the good old fashion gore and guts of the late night reanimated genre! Nothing but praise for this zom--rom-com! Yes that's a new thing, zom-rom-com. Or maybe I just made it up. Doesn't matter, super fun. An extra skull goes to the "never seen before" use of the large intestine as a life line. Watch with like minded friends, a few (maybe more) shooters, drinks and saucy pizza, and you've got a hell of a good evening! I proposed to my girl during this movie... no response yet... why?

2 weeks ago

All the characters are horrible turds and the movie is extremely gross. The end. Oh, and it's unfunny.

3 weeks ago

Honestly, this is amazing. Funny and realistic. No happy ending either.

1 month ago