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Channel Zero

Channel Zero

A spine-chilling horror anthology series, CHANNEL ZERO devotes each season to telling a new terrifying story. Each seasonal installment is based on a different "creepypasta," a popular user-generated online horror story.


Member Reviews

Season 4 is the worst one and confusing but it feels like a nightmare all around so it’s still a win. Season 2 is a masterpiece :u1F90C|type_3:

1 day ago

How am I just discovering these!? They are quite good but I do agree with what others have said in that they are stretched out a bit too long. It didn't need to be 6 episodes but it was still really good! Just finished the first season and I am starting the second.

1 week ago

It’s ok my biggest problem is they try to force multiple Creepypastas into one season every season and it just muddies the story.

1 week ago

Totally agree with castlevania. Great series worth a watch. Best was season 2, followed closely by 1, then 4th, and 3rd was lagging a bit, but still a good watch.

1 week ago

one of the best series! favorite seasons in order - 2, 1, 4, 3

1 week ago